To explain where we are now, let’s start by going through the evolution of the web.
Web 1.0 - This was the version of the web where you could load up blog posts and read them, but you couldn’t do much else.
Web 2.0 - This is the internet we all know and love. Not only can you read things, but as a user, you can create content yourself - by writing a Tweet or posting your own TikTok.
Web 3.0 - The idea here is that in the next iteration of the web, you can not only consume and create content but also own whatever you create. If you’re a Twitter user who creates threads that go viral, you are doing Twitter a valuable service. You are creating content that makes the platform worth people’s time, but you are not able to (directly) capture any of the value that you create. Web3.0 aims to change that, using the power of blockchain technology and under the guidance of some of its core principles:

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