So we’ve learned a little about the Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, other blockchain networks, NFTs, DeFi and the craziness going on right now. Now, let’s circle back to where we started.

Where does Crypto go from here?

As I said in the intro - it’s obviously a tough time for all companies and protocols in the web3 space. There has been a wave of bankruptcies and fraudulent activity from bad actors. This has led many to speculate about the demise of crypto as a whole. These scams, crashes and downturns are certainly important because they hurt consumer confidence. But I think the world of crypto lives and dies by its use cases.
If blockchain technology and decentralisation can be used to solve problems in the real world, this sector will grow much, much bigger in the long run. It may look completely different in future. Some of the biggest blockchain networks and exchanges may be replaced by new ones that haven’t even been founded yet. But as long as there are use cases, people will find a way to make the technology work.

Keep Learning

This is the end of your journey through this book, but hopefully, it’s only the start of your journey in this space. The best way to continue on from here is to look up some of the projects mentioned, following some of the biggest names on Twitter and YouTube and learning more.
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